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I am based in Perth, Western Australia.

If you run a business based in Perth please contact me to see how I help you improve your online visibility.

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Complete Search Engine Optimization Course

Over 7 hours of must-have SEO tips for 2020

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SEO Tutorials

SEO Tutorials

My SEO tutorials cover everything you need to know to improve the position of your website within the Google search engine results. Search Engine Optimization does not require any technical knowledge or programming skills.  For the best SEO results, you should consider using WordPress to run your website.  I also recommended hosing using SiteGround and using the WordPress DIVI theme.

SEO Tutorials

WordPress Tutorials

WordPress is free software that you can use to run your website.  It is easy to setup and use.  WordPress is ideal for implementing SEO.  I would recommend hosing using Site Group and using the WordPress DIVI theme.  Use this course to see how easy it is to maintain your WordPress website.

SEO Tutorials

DIVI Tutorials

DIVI is a WordPress theme.  It is easy to use, powerful, beautiful and SEO friendly.  Combined with SiteGround webhosting it provides an elegant and fast loading website for your business.  Check it out now.

SEO Tutorials

Word Tutorials

These days everyone thinks that already know how to use Microsoft Word.  Check out this course and you will realize there is a lot more in Word than you thought.  Did you know that you do not have to type in your text anymore?  Just can just talk to the computer and the text appears on the screen?  The computer can also read back your documents to you.

SEO Tutorials

Excel Tutorials

Excel can make difficult stuff easy.  Learn how to use Excel properly with this three part course and become an Excel spreadsheet guru. There is more in Excel than you thought!

SEO Tutorials

PowerPoint Tutorials

Do not just produce the same type of boring old slides that you used 20 years ago.  Animate and morph your presentations.  Use the automatic design features to make your slides beautiful as well as informative.

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